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34th Birthday; Stay young at heart

Another year another birthday...

I wish I took it easy on my birthday, I could think that it's just another birthday, but I dont. Every birthday is special, it's a moment where I can look back and review plan for the future. It's a moment of contemplation and appreciation. What I have gained and what I have lost.

On my 34th birthday, I am blessed with a beautiful, healthy, perfect baby boy. When I thought I can't be happier, God bless me with more love and happiness, He shows me the love that I never knew I have. I am blessed to have two beautiful and healthy children. They are the reason why I want to be a better person, inside out. I have amazing husband and wonderful family and friends. They are my strong support system, who always be there for me.

Since I turned 30, four years ago, I decided to really live my life the way I want it, life is too short to let people tell you what to do. Now, four years later, I am glad I made that choice. How truly a relief to do my …

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