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Summer Essentials 2018 (plus my skincare routine)

It's mid-June and it's getting hotter here. Kids are out of school and there are so many activities to do!
Eventhough, I feel like doing nothing, I just want to hang out in the Jacuzzi and drinking coconut water all day. In between study, chores, work, running errands and mommy-kid activities, I have to say bye-bye to "me time".
This summer, with two children, I keep everything simple. Including my daily "get-ready and to go" things. I dont have time to do my morning 7 layers-Korean skin routine, my regime will only include face wash (just water), essence and moisturiser. On daily basis I rely on foundation with SPF 50. This is important to protect my face from the sun, as much as love the sun, as I am getting older, skin protection is my top priority. My favorite is Neutregena compact make up. This foundation is lightweight, but buildable. It gives that "glow" but not oily (I have dry skin but pretty normal during summer time), it stays all day. …

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