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Winter Skin Care

December is here, winter is just around the corner. The weather is changing, the temperature has dropped, and it is cold and windy outside.
This is a perfect hot chocolate, fuzzy socks and heavy moisturizer season.

Talking about skincare, as a person who spent most of herlife in a tropical country, I did not know about  warm and cold weather skincare. I thought what I put on my face in the summer can be applied in the winter time too.

Well, must admit that I was wrong. In the summer time my skin is normal and a bit oily, and in the winter time it is dry and dull. This year I am starting to pay attention to what my skin need, and selecting skin care that works best for me, and yet still pretty much following my 5-6 skincare layers routine in less than 10 minutes (yup! you read that right). Oh also, all the products I use are (almost) breastfeeding friendly. Here we go!

1. Make up remover
First thing first, I use this Nourishing Omega from Elemis. I choose oil to remove my make up, becau…

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