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Welcome 2019

Good bye 2018 and welcome 2019
This 2018 has been a blast. It’s a beautiful year with so many beautiful moments and accomplishments.

First of all, the most beautiful blessing of 2018 is our second son. A beautiful, healthy and perfect baby. We welcomed him with love and happiness, and there is nothing more beautiful than having your love multiply by millions. Watching him grow has been an outstanding experience, every second I spent with him is a blessing that I am grateful for.

2018 is the beginning of school year for Al. Although it was not a smooth ride (hi! separation anxiety!) we finally through it and Al grew to love his school and his friends. I can see how much he changed after attending school. He has more confidence and is more independent than ever. He learns and develops, both,  academic and personal skills, he can ride his big boy bike and he can read. Most importantly, he grows to be an excellent big brother, who loves his lil brother. This year is also the beginning of …

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