This is my first project for Baby Jay. I really made sure that I got his hand and foot print while he is a newborn. Thanks to The Keepsake Company Treasure for their endorsement. I was able to stop time and create this memento. 

This hand and foot print set comes with 3D and 2D options for that extra special look. Having both the clay and ink options that allows parents to personalize the photo frame to their own taste. This gender neutral photo frame kit is superb, I personaly love the white frame, it looks cute in any room, it does not have to be put in nursery room, I put the end product in my living room, great for my whoever comes to the house to see.  

Most importantly, this kit is fool-proof. It is easier that most sold in the market. The clay does not need to be mix with anything, it is only need to be kneaded for 2 minutes. After well kneaded, put it in the frame, roll it with provided wooden roll, print the baby foot and hand, let it dry on room temperatire for at least 48 hours. It is that simple, well, if the baby cooperates. 


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