Nursery Night Light

The perk of having a house with four bedrooms is that you have one room for each kid. Now that we have set up Alex's room, we are working to get the nursery room ready for his lil' brother.

Alex's room is colorful and is dominated with blue color. We sort of let him decorate his room, and he loves it. Meanwhile, for his lil brother we choose to have a more neutral color. I personally choose grey, black and white. It gives the clean, pure and innocent look. 

Most of furnitures are in white, the crib, cabinet and changing table. Only his dresser that is a mix of wood and blue color. We don't even bother to paint the wall, I decorated the wall with clouds and air ballons themed wall-decal.

Now, I am working on picking little ornaments and accesories for the nursery room. I am so happy to find this cute night lamp. This kitty night light is perfect for the nursery room. This night light is made of washable BPA free silicon, which is important for me. This night light is rechargable and portable, so it can be put in any room, if necessary. 

This light is warm, when tap or lightly squeezed, the light color will change, so much fun to watch. I think Alex enjoys it too. 

I really love this night light, I made a youtube video about it. 


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