Maternity Photo: Ice Queen

Maternity Photo: Ice Queen &my pregnancy story

I have never really shared any news about my pregnancy. It's not that I am being private, but I was just too lazy to write about it. I am on my 38 weeks now, and as time getting closer, I am more nervous yet excited about the labor and welcoming the baby.

Pregnancy has been a bless for our little family. This pregnancy is totally planned. We both want it, and we both think it is the right time. Al is three years old, and my husband got a better job that he loves to do. So life is good, and it's time to expand.

Similar to my first pregnancy, I did not know what's going on until I missed my period. I knew something was not right when my taste buds is weird, I mean everything tasted weird. So I went to pharmacy, bought not one but three packages of pregnancy test pack. When I checked, it was positive, on the first try, then I checked again, and it was still positive. I was thrill, it was a beautiful feeling. However, I did not tell my husband right away, not until I had my first obgyn check, to make sure, also I wanted it to be a surprise. As for Al, he is the first person I shared the news with, he was not quite understand what's goin on, so I told him in his language "you are going to have a baby sibling, can be brother or sister" he was excited, he thought we are going to have it rightaway.

The first trimester, of course the hardest. Everything tasted weird, even my favorite food (yeah, that's you Sardi Peruvian Chicken) to top that, I had horrible stomach ache, I felt like I always hungry, I literally need to eat every 30 minutes, or  my stomach hurt as if I am starving, but when I eat everything tasted weird. An excellent combination. In additional to that, I had nausea. I started to find obgyn. I did not purchase any maternity clothes yet, thinking I will survive with regular clothes at least until end of this first trimester (which was a mistake).

On my second trimester, I traveled back to my home town. I flew for more than 35 hours, only me and Al. It was horrible, I had horrible lower back pain, I was lucky because the stewardess seated me and Al, in one row with three vacant seats, so I can lay on my side, althought it was still uncomfortable. As for my motion sickness, I was depended on Zofran, that's my saviour. Second trimester was better. Less nausea, less stomach ache, and I could enjoy foods. I think I enjoyed it too much, especially when I was in my hometown, with all the comfort foods, nothing is better than this. I gained good amount of weight. I literally eat and eat. When I was in my hometown, I visited local obgyn for at least 2-3 times. I forgot how medical fee is a lot cheaper there, I had to only pay less than $8 per visit with Ultrasound check and in the end of each session, the obgyn would give me USG pictures.

Now I am on my third trimester. This time around all I want is to get it over with, and give birth immediately. But baby is ready when he is ready. I have less lower back pain now, I take extra calcium as prescribed plus my iron and my prenatal vitamin. My appetite is still great, but I developed horrible after taste after every meal, which I hate. Now, since the baby is big, I leak like crazy, I have heartburn, lower abdomen pain and pelvic pain.

I did not think that I would do another maternity photoshoot. I was very happy with my first maternity pictures, but of course after browsing cute maternity pictures on Instagram, I started to think about doing another session, just because I want it.

This Ice Queen theme just came across my mind. I want to do natural photoshoot but it's freaking cold outside. This is one of the coldest winter here in East Coast. The average temperature is 26-27F. I need to have thick coat for outdoor photoshoot. So, why not doing the Ice Queen, with thick fur robe that will keep me warm during the photoshoot. I told my husband about it, to my surprise, he agreed to take the pictures, so we did it, as a team. It was cold Sunday Afternoon, we drove around town to find the best spot. We took some photos on the river bank of Rappahannock river and some more at the Chatam Manor. I was so happy with the result. Apparently my husband took an effort, he made sure I had the best natural lighting and angle, he is the best!

Here some of the best pictures that we took, enjoy!


At the Catham Manor


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