Jayanasa Adil McKinnon

A story behind his name

Picking a name is not easy, to me a name is the first gift parents could give to their child. A gift that, most of the time, stays forever with them. A gift that holds prayers, wish, hope and dream of the parents that will shape their child.

There is a story behind a name, just like mine and yours. We carefully decided this name for our second baby. I wanted a name that is powerful but gentle, with strong history yet relevant to the present time. A name that is close to my root, but everyone can pronounce it correctly. A name that is not only unique, but meaningful.

It's a tradition for me and my husband to keep the name for ourselves during the pregnancy, we'd love to see if the name fits our baby before we share it. We had several names and we narrowed it down to one or two, later we discussed about which name that we love the most and why.

My husband came with Jayanasa, it's a sanskrit name. It is a combination of two words, Jaya and Nasa. Jaya means victory and Nasa is conqueror. Jayanasa was the name of the first emperor of Srivijaya, an empire on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, where I came from. Jayanasa was famous by his generousity, kindness and hospitality, this was well written in  Talang Tuwo Inscription, in which the inscription tells about the establishment of the bountiful Sriksetra park awarded by Sri Jayanasa, for the well being of all creatures. His middle name, Adil, is origin from Arabic and Malay, the meaning is Just. Jayanasa Adil McKinnon, and we'll call him Baby J, or Jay. His nickname also share a sentimentil story, he shares his nickname with his great grandparent, my husband's grandparent from his mother's side. So it is like hit two birds with one stone.

We wish, hope and pray that he'll live up to his name.


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