SONIC CLEAR petite by Michael Todd

Last month I was thinking of review my skincare routine because it's been months and I was still battling my acne. I read more articles about reduce acne because of hormonal change. One article claims that clean skin is a key to keep acne at bay, and what better way to cleanse skin than to use electric face brush cleanser. So I continues my "research" to find the one that fit my need. After searched high and low, I remembered that my favorite device is from Michael Todd, so I decided to check their website. Fortunately, Michael Todd has several electric brush cleansers and I decided to get one.

After three days my Sonic Clear Petite arrived, I was so excited. FYI, this is my first high end cleanser brush, so my expectations were high. The package includes Sonic Clear Petite face brush cleanser with Anti Microbial Face Brush, USB Magnetic Charger and charging cradle and a cover for the brushes.

My Sonic Clear petite is luxurious and pretty, the design called Hawaiian Flower. The size is just right, not too big and not too small, with easy to grip handle that does not slip easily. Michael Todd claims that the Antimicrobial brush is the first in the world, and I love it. The antimicrobial brush  offer better protection to guard against the growth of stains and odor causing bacteria. So that the brushes will stay cleaner, fresher longer and will not require replacement as often as unprotected brushes.  This Sonic Clear petite is waterproof so I can use it in the shower and bathtub. It is highly practical. Because it is waterproof it has no plug hole at all, I was curious how to charge it, turns out the charger is magnetic, all I have to do is to attach the handle to the charger head. Pretty neat.
Sonic Clear Petite has three speed options, that is adjustable based on my skin need, type and concerns (and most of the time I use the low speed one). This cleanser has built in timer that beeps every 20 seconds to indicate it is time to move to another cleansing area.

While for the cleansing power, I must give five stars. It strips away dead skin cells, make up, dirt and oil 6 times better than hands alone. It's sonic technology enables the brush to move at up to 18.000 times per minute, however, it is gentle on skin.

On daily basis I don't use to much make up, only powder foundation, but I am pretty active also my face produces oil, and it cause problem for me. It cleanse my skin and remove the oil off my face. On the day where I use heavy make up, with layers of foundation, concealer and primer, plus matte lipstick, etc..etc, it removes all the make up and leave nothing but a clean skin. After use it for 10 days straight, I can see my skin is improved. With clean skin, my skin care product can penetrate my skin easily and deliver better result.

I am satisfied with this Sonic Clear Petite. The quality and the price is highly competitive. It lives up my expectation. More on this review, check my video on Youtube.

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