Sonic Eraser PRO by Michael Todd [REVIEW]

Who would have thought way of applying your skin care product will influence the result? I did not know, until I incorporate this Sonic Eraser PRO By Michael Todd to my routine. I have seen myriad videos of beauty blogger using this type of gadget to their skin care routine, and they have great result. I was attempted, so I gave it a go.

Sonic Eraser PRO by Michael Todd looks and feels modern, almost futuristic, with simple, edgy design. It is slim and small, easy to handle and easy to store. It is cordless but rechargeable, no need to buy battery.

This beauty tool claims to increase the absorption of the active ingredients in skin care product, that say, with better absorption, the result will be much better than using hand alone. With Triple Infusion Technology which is sonic, ionic, and thermal technology, Sonic Eraser Pro gently and painlessly infuse the skincare into the skin. So how it works? The thermal technology will open pores and help to prepare the skin, the sonic technology enables the gadget to move at 400+ movements per second, it will gently massage the skin and push the skin care product into the skin, while the ionic technology eliminates the need of On/Off button, the gadget will automatically turns on when it is pressed onto the skin and turns off when released.

I incorporate it to my skin care routine for a week now, in the morning and in the evening. After I cleanse my face, I pat it dry with clean towel, I apply toner followed by moisturizer, for this step I'm using the tool by gliding it along my skin in circular motions, and I do the same method while applying serum, and face oil. I can feel instant result, this tool gently massages my skin and it refresh it, it takes the fatigue off my face. As for the real result, I can see an improvement, whatever that my skin product claims to do, I can see it in my face.  I think it really does help my skin to absorb my skin care product better.

This device lives up the hype, I can see why beauty enthusiasts are raving about it and why more companies release similar products. If you have extra budget and willing to splurge, I highly recommend this.

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