Summer Body, Beach Body

Almost spring now, and three months from now will be summer, where going to a beach is a must thing to do. Like everyone, I want to look fit on my swimming wear. It means that I have to work, not only to lose some pounds, but to tone my body.

I have written how to lose weight for lazy mom like my self. Now I am going to share how to tone body, like you spend hours at the gym. I found some articles that I think I can do at home. One of which, that I will do is this 21 days of cardio sculpting. It sounds ambitious to do it in 21 days. However, I found that having a plan prepare us what to expect within 21 days, yes we have to be discipline, but this time, no matter how lazy I am, I have to realize that no pain no gain. What I love about this plan is that, they incorporate both cardio exercise and body sculpting. As an example, Day one will be 40-50 minutes of cardio and Day 2 will be body sculpting exercise.

The body sculpting exercise is divided into three different work out plans. Circuit A that incorporates Push up/plank combo, Chest Flye, Reverse Lunge and Squat.

Circuit B incorporates Plie Squat, Bicep Curls, Inner/outer Leg Lift, Back Flye.

Circuit C incorporate Roll Up, Side Reach and Boat Pose.

However, I feel that the fat in my belly can be s stubborn to get rid. So, I am using this Abs Advance Full Body Work Out System Home Gym (The ABS). This tool is easy to use, just bend and bend more, and it will tone the abs and burn the extra fat. Th ABS claims that by increasing the resistance, our body exerts more energy, we'll see the results faster. The ABS is made with sophisticated material that won't break, even under 3000lbs. of pressure. Customizable resistance go from 20 lbs. to 45 lbs. of resistance to personalize my workout and get the results that I want. ABS allows me to target specific muscle groups in your upper body, lower body and core Advanced Body System Flexible blade uses force and resistance to tone muscles.

I am going to start the exercise this month, and I will definitely update my progress later on.




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