Losing Weight for Lazy Mom

Since I decided to stop nursing Baby Al, four months ago, I gained so much weight. No rocket science here. First, because I could finally eat foods that I have been avoiding for two years, dairy, soy, wheat, nuts, my oh my, the first taste of real milk ice cream after two years, is heavenly delish. Second, I stopped nursing right before our autumn holiday in Mexico, followed by Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas, and then New Years Eve, and series of party here and there, for sure, dessert for almost every night.When I finally brave enough to weight my self, I was shock, I gained 10 pounds within three months. It's a wake up call (again) for me, so one of the resolution this year is to at least lose the 10 pounds and eat healthier.

Theoretically,  losing weight is easy. Intake should be less than outtake, burning calorie and burning fat. That is why, over and over again, the suggestion is always the same, eat less and eat healthy,  and exercise regularly. In reality, it is hard to execute. However, I did it twice, following the aforementioned rules. I lost 12 pounds in six months right before I was pregnant. The second time is when I lost 8 pounds last summer. I never really interested to lose weight fast, for me it is always been a marathon instead of sprint. Embracing the lifestyle so it will last long.

I would eat three times a day, and snack twice a day. Each meal I would averagely eat at around 400 calories, and snack for less than 100 calories. It sounds complicated, but I got this in my mind. For example; for breakfast I would eat two stripes of turkey bacon for 70 calories, one toast for 100, a spoon of peanut butter for 90 and a boiled egg for 77 calories, and small cup of fruits, any fruits will do, and it takes less than 100 calories, so for breakfast, full breakfast, I only eat 400 calories or less. Lunch would be light, like sandwich or  salad, in the afternoon I would snack peanuts or fruits. As for dinner, I would cook something for less than 500 calories.  This type of diet, gives me the freedom to eat whatever I want as long as it is follows the rules (especially the amount of calories).

The tricky part is the exercise. It is easy to just exercise at a gym, but it is difficult to go to the gym if you have kid, in my case, toddler. Last summer, I simply "jogging" for 5K almost everyday, I remember I started with 2K, walking and jogging and within 1 week I was able to do more jogging than walking for 3-4K, and I gained more stamina, by the end of summer I was able to run and jog for more than 5K, everyday in the summer time. There is a side story to that, I played Pokemon Go, it forced me to o out everyday, because I needed to catch Pokemon, it was all fun, playing while exercising.

The other thing that keeps me going is my fitness track. It seems that it is widely popular, based on my experience, it is also highly useful. Like most of fitness tracker, mine is thin and super light.The band is made of water and sweat resistant material, and it is rechargeable. I love how it helps me keeping track of my daily activity. My fitness tracker is equipped with heart rate monitor, step counter, miles tracker with GPS, calories and sleep trackers. If synchronized to its app, it will creates my personal fitness diary, with the information collected. It runs full analysis of my everyday progress. The sleeping tracker is better than most, it provides a detailed report of my sleep stages; deep sleep, light sleep, REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and awake time. My fitness tracker is also connected to my phone, it alerts if there is incoming call, text, email, even social media notifications. 

In the winter time like now, when it is too cold to go outside and exercise, I would just exercise at home. My favorite is to do 30 - 45 minutes of Zumba. There are tons of Zumba video on youtube. If I get tired of  Zumba I would do Yoga, body toning exercise, taebo, aerobic, anything that keeps me moving. 

All this helps, I started in early of January and now, almost in the end of February, I have lost 4 pounds, not bad at all. I will carry on doing this, because it works and because I love it. 

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Q-Band Fitness Band


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