DC Cupcake, Finally!

I bet everybody knows this Cup Cake store, DC Cupcake, a.k.a George town Cupcake. Like most everybody, I knew about this cupcake via their reality show in T.L.C, when I was in Indonesia. At that time, cupcake was about to become the "it" dessert, and I remember I went to several cake shops just to try cupcake with no luck.

In 2014, I moved to Delaware. I went to D.C during the cherry blossom festival, I finally was able to visit the store. I was shocked to see the line in front of the store, it was so long that I could not see the end of the line. I decided to only take some pictures in front of the store, no matter how much I wanted to try the famous cupcake, cup cake is cup cake, and I will not wait for an hour for a cupcake.

Since we moved to DC we drove by a few times, but the line was so darn long, so we never ended up getting down and dirty with the frosting...until today, on a cold day in early March, 2017. It was not planned, we walked by, and the line was not as long as usual, so we decided to do it once and for all. We were lucky, we waited "only" for 15 minutes. When it was finally our turn, I can see my self stepped inside the store, in slow motion, just like in a movie.

The store is small, I think it can only hold up to 20-25 people. Inside the store, there is a big cup cake selection menu and price. For today, there were 28 different cup cakes available, and as usual, the more options I have, the more confused I get. Because we were in diet, we decided to get half dozen. My husband chose chocolate ganache and chocolate mint crunch. I chose the most popular one; Red Velvet, I also got unicorn and pink tulip, while Alex his only option is gluten free strawberry lava fudge. Our order of cupcake was ready in less than 10 minutes, all packed up in that famous pink box.

My husband literally could not wait to try the cupcake. When we finally seated, he took the chocolate ganache and shoved it into his mouth, although we agreed to share and taste it together, I guess, when it comes to cupcakes he is pretty lame in sharing. Also to the second cup cake, the chocolate mint cup cake, it was gone in a second. He said the cup cake is good, the cake is moist and scrumptious, while the frosting is rich and creamy. I tried my red velvet, it is delish, the cake is indeed moist. The Red Velvet frosting is not too sweet and I can taste the cream cheese, no wonder it is their best selling. The unicorn cupcake and the pink tulip are just too cute to eat, they are both classic Madagascar vanilla cup cake with vanilla butter cream frosting. While the Gluten free Strawberry Lava fudge is the gluten free version of their strawberry lava fudge cup cake.

As much as I like cupcake, D.C cupcakes are not that special, yes they are fresh, yes they are moist and yummy but there is nothing too special about it. However, I am happy that I got the chance to enjoy it, but I if I have to stand in a long line again for it, I will not do that. This is more like something that you gotta have it while you are there, it is for the experience.  I must admit they are worth to try, and they have great marketing strategy.

Oh, that cute bag is my new addition.  It is a mix and match bag, the bag has different panels that can be snapped and unsnapped, the panels come in different design and fabric, and I can switch the panels and match it to my outfit of the day. 

Oh, my last picture is my happy face because I finally got the chance to eat the cupcakes. 


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