Prepare an impromptu party

I grew up in a place where guest can come without invitation. They can show up and they will be greeted and welcomed, no matter what. Since I moved to US, I just realized one thing, one can not just show up at somebody's house, even friend and family, at least they have to call, an hour before, a day before or even months before. Since I am so used to have guests came and go to my house, I never feel reluctant to have somebody come to visit me at anytime, it is still an honor to be able to show some courtesies. Of course, it is easier back home. House was always presentable, and foods are easy, thanks to the food carts that passed in front of the house twice in every fifteen minutes round the clock, they are yummy, affordable and practical. Options are varied, from meatball soup to fish cake, don't worry about dessert, ice cream or traditional cake cart also ready, all I had to do was to call them, and they would stay and fed everybody.

It is different here, I'll be honest, as much as love to have guests, it is kind of stressful to provide foods for them, it is easy just to order pizza, but one can not keep on order pizza whenever guest come, too cheesy. So here are some things that I usually do when I have impromptu part, it would only take less than 30 minutes to prepare;

1. Quick Clean Up
I never clean up every corner of my house when I have only 30 minutes, I just make sure, kitchen counter is presentable, living room is good and bathroom is useable. The rest will be uncharted territory. Lit some candles to set up mood.

2. Drink
Depends on the time of the day and the weather outside. I would prepare hot water for tea,or throw soda and beer in an  ice bucket, it will be ready when I offer drink to my guests.

3. Food
It is always great to start with chips, salsa and dips, or assorted cheeses and fruits served in a nice cheese board like this one, which is my favorite at the moment, it looks elegant, and durable thanks to its premium material. If I run out of everything, I just serve popcorn with different spices to make it gourmet, think about spicy masala pop corn or homey butter pop corn will do too. As for the main course, casserole, last minute lasagna, shrimp scampi pasta or beef chili would be a good choice, because the preparation takes less time and it is can still cooking even after all the guests arrived.

4. Entertainment
Put on some instrumental music, to set up a party vibe, instrumental music or jazz is a good background music to conversation. Get ready with board games or card games for guest, in particular games that involve more people, you know the more the merrier.

5. Get yourself ready
After everything is ready, go check yourself in the mirror, make sure you look presentable if not fabolous for your guests. Don't have time? messy bun with sparkly headband or side braids are always effortlessly chic. Blot those oil off you face, apply mascara and red lipstick. Voila, you will look gorgeous.

Please, do not hesitate to bookmark this post, so the next time you have impromptu party, you know what you should do, good luck!


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