DevaCurl Build Up Buster [REVIEW]

I've been hearing beauty gurus and skincare enthusiasts raving about Micellar water. How it cleans the make up, dirt and impurities off the face, including the stubborn waterproof make up. I have tried Micellar water several time, although I must say that I cleanse my face with cleansing oil plus face foam more. My opinion is pretty neutral, when I use Micellar water, I like it, it cleanses my face well, other than that, there is nothing so special about it.

Then, I received this complimentary Build Up Buster from DevaCurl. It uses the micellar technology  for hair. It claims to attracts dirt and build up like a magnet, lifting it from calp and hair for gentle removal while still providing a deep clean. This hair product is gentle, it is totally free of the harsh sulfates in traditional clarifying shampoo, so it will not strip hair of moisture. Although I have tried similar product in the past,  I still love this type of product, because I tend to put more "heavy stuff" on my hair than on any of the part of my body. I need this to remove the chemical that I put on my hair on regular basis (leave on conditioner, hair mousse, hair spray, etc).

I tried it twice before I wrote my review. While I don't think it is enough to see the result, but there must be some progress made. Before I tried, I have to pay attention to my hair condition. It is smooth and sleek on the top and dry and coarse on the tips, the length is medium, and full volume, in between curly, and straight with a little frizzy short hairs here and there, also it is not colored. I use regular shampoo and conditioner every time I wash my hair which happens twice or three time a week. After wash, I blow dry it, apply oil leave on conditioner, and once a week I would curl it with curling tool, during this, I spray my hair with heat protector hair spray. I did not know what to expect by using it, maybe softer and well-conditioned hair? especially on the hair tip, maybe less frizzy, and more shine?

Firstly, I love the fragrance, it has citrus, very refreshing fragrance. The texture is thick and transparent.  Second, it is used, exactly like shampoo, the different is that I pour shampoo on my hand, but this buster needs to be applied directly to scalp, do not worry about it will be messy because the bottle has needle like tip for a better precision. Target the scalp, massage thoroughly, and work it from the scalp to the tip of the hair. Also, depends on the thickness and length of the hair, the suggestion is to use one tablespoon for fine hair and a palm full for thick hair. Third, wash it with water and apply conditioner to lock the moisture.

After tried it twice, I can tell that my hair feels light, and well-conditioned. I can see more shine on my hair, and the tip is less dry and coarse. I think I need to use it more to see significant progress. However, I love the fragrance, it is very refreshing, and also the result so far.

I have high expectation on this hair product, so far I can see some improvements in my hair, and I am going to use it diligently. I suggest this product for those with frizzy, dull and coarse hair. It improves hair condition,  the ingredients are better than regular shampoo and it is free of animal cruelty.



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