Dear Diary...

Remember those days, when you end your day by writing everything that happened in your special diary? I do. I started it when I was 12 year old, that was almost two decades ago, and I did it diligently. I wrote about my daily life, about my crush, about my dream (literally, dream) and hope. I put pictures of my idols, that I cut out from a magazine (I am talking about Taylor Hanson). I still have all my diaries, from 1996 to 2008.  I am happy I wrote it. Now, it is more than just a diary, it's a memento, it's a time travel machine.I can picture the old me doing thing that she did, experiencing things that she experienced, every time I read the page. 

Then I stopped. I did not write my diary since 2009. Almost a decade ago. I miss it a lot, the stories of my life, every little detail. I want to write things again, but with works, laziness and no motivation, I failed.

Until last month, I read about writing for your kid, to create a memory about time that will soon be forgotten. I am intrigued. I love the idea, I mean Baby Al will not remember his first years, at least the first three year of his life. Now, there are so many epic things happened. So many stories to tell, that I, with my lame brain, will also forget about it. So I decided to write a diary, not for me but for him. It will be about his activity, his experience, his development and growth, all about him, but I might put my dreams and hopes about him. 

I've been doing it since January. I write on this nice planner, oh there is a reason I chose planner, because it has everything; the schedule, the calendar, and note. It feels more real and effortless. One day he read this diary, read about his life, I hope he will be happy. As much as I do when I write it.


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