MOM's Meet WOW Summit 2016

MOM's Meet WOW Summit 2016

This was a year before I joined Mom's meet. As I nursed my baby and browsed the internet, I stumbled in an article about WOW Summit. I was like, that sounds like fun, I immediately put it on my bucket list. Lucky me, this year, 2016, I have the chance to attend it.  I've been to several summits, conferences and events. I must tell you that WOW Summit 2016 easily one of my favorite. I'll tell you why.

First, it's free. I got the tickets free for being an active member at Mom's Meet's website. I diligently do all the available activities; reviewing, commenting, or posting on social media. I slowly add more reward points to the amount that I can purchased ticket for the Summit. I was so happy for it. My hard work paid well.

Second, it's great for networking. I got the chance to meet other moms who share similar passion and interest. They are all beautiful, passionate, smart and fashionable. I talked to some moms who have their own blog with different interest. We engaged in fun but enlightening discussions. We shared advices and tips about parenting, organic products, fashion, make up, etc,. Of course we were also "whining" about our cute little toddlers. We exchanged our blog, and social media that way we can keep in touch even after the summit ends.  

Third, the exhibition hall. My little munchkin was diagnosed with severe allergic. Not only to two or three foods, but many, that I have to bring list wherever I go. It has been a struggle for me to find the right products for him. Despite his allergy, I want him to live like a normal little boy, who can enjoy ice cream for treat and muffin for breakfast despite his wheat and dairy allergy.  By attending the summit, I got to know products that are available for him. Some products, I am familiar to and has been a loyal customer, those products are tasty bite and sodeliciousdairyfree while other totally new for me such as  these super delicious cookies and crackers. However, the exhibited products were not limited to foods, there were  skincareVitamin, etc,. It's such a relief for me because now I know there are more selections for my baby and my family. The exhibition was not only to show the products, but to provide in details information about each product. Each booth had great product representative who was gladly to explain more about their products. I had a great discussion with some of the product representatives, they took their time to explain and answer my question. In addition to that, I got the chance to sample each product, and they were not being stingy with the sample (some even handed out full size product, yay!!).

Fourth, the workshops. When I read the summit's guide I was like, 'wow, I want to attend each workshop'. The topic and discussions are interesting, I could see my self learn so much from it. I got the chance to attend two workshops; "How reading the right stuff creates curious, responsible and empowered kids", and "Natural, organic beauty from the inside out". The presenters were great, they were able to engage with the audiences. The discussion on the topic went smooth. The general session also interesting. One presentation from MomsRaising had opened my eyes. Yes, I was an activist before I decided to be a stay at home mom. Although I am not as active as I used to, but I always keep my self well-informed with the issues that I care the most.  MomsRaising showed me that I can still fight and being active about the current situation, I can still voice my concern and opinion for a better future, to create a safe and accommodating environment for my children to grow and learn.

Fifth, goodie bag and welcome bag. It is seriously, the BEST goodie bag I've ever have in my WHOLE life attending summit, event or conference. It was packed with tons of products and coupons. The products were well selected, top products picked by Moms. The products varied from sample size to full size! (yay!), as well as the coupon, discount coupon and free product coupon. As for the welcome bag (available only for VIP and Blogger), it was also filled with great products, and definitely not a reduplication from the goodie bag.

In addition to that, there were lots of great prizes to win. I, my self not a lucky person, I rarely win a raffle. But I got one prize by answering a question, so there it is.. more product to have. 

I am satisfied with my experience attending the WOW Summit, it is beyond my expectation. A great event for moms to stay updated, improve knowledge, expand network, enjoying great product and of course having fun. I will definitely come again for the next Summit. 


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