Baby Must Items

We have just celebrated Jay turned 4 months. Turning 4 months also means new challenges or him, as his body and brain growing, he is more alerted of his surrounding, he loves just to observe everything around him. He started to laugh louder and louder, he loves to communicate, he started to make more baby talks. All the good things. Turning 4 months old means that he will grow his teeth soon, he started to drool and he loves to bite everything that get into his tiny hands. I am prepared well this time, I have mitten teether, regular teether and the kind of teether that we can be stored inside a fridge (mommy's brain, forget how you call this teether), of all, my favorite is the necklace teether.
Unlike other teethers (except the mitten one) this one is super useful, I just wear it or let him wear it and he can bite it as much as he likes. It does ot fall to the ground easily so less yucky and less frustating for him and me.

The material is soft, BPA free, safe for him and his delicate gum. The color is bright, pretty eye-catching for him, but still look cute on me when I wear it.
Another good found lately is the premium wipes from Dr. Brown. This premium wipes is safe for baby sensitive skin, it does not contain alcohol, BPA, chloride, urea, pthalates, and other harsh chemicals. The wipe is thick and does not tear easily. It's a good option for mommas who are looking for a better daily essential for our precious baby


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