Al and Music

Al has shown his interest in music since he started to walk. He loves when his daddy plays with his musical instrument, Al would dance around him, nodding his head and tapping his foot following the rhythm of the music. When he was 17 months old, I signed him up for a baby music class in, during the class, he was introduced to different kind of musical instruments, from maracas to electric keyboards. I love that he enjoyed the learning experience. 

Now that he is three years old, he shows his fascination with music and musical instruments more than ever. In order to keep up with his interest, my husband and I have started to collect different kind musical instruments, from violin to flute, from baby maracas to rainmaker. 

Although I don't play musical well, my husband, on the other hand, knows how to play different kinds of musical instruments, he was once part of his high school band. He loves to play his musical instruments, three or four nights a week, and usually, Al would join him and "play" along, he would play his flute or his favorite tambourine. 

I can see that their jam session has a great effect on them. My husband can unwind and relax, while Al can play and learn. While me, I have a little free time for myself.

Now, we have Jay, and we want to introduce him to music. I have these maracas that are great for that purpose, these maracas are made of wood and beautifully painted with bright color paints that catch his eyes easily. If you want to introduce your baby and toddler to music, maraca is a good start.


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