Newborn Photography

I was planning to get a professional photo session for Baby Jay. Although I have a decent camera and decent photo taking skill, I am sure mine will never be as beautiful as the one taken by professional. I was ready to splurge for great pictures. I was already "researching" photographer in my area and what kind of photo I'd like to have. Later, I got a text from my best friend, she informed me that Briana Inell photography specialized in maternity, newborn and baby, is looking for a model and that I should sign up. It was a perfect opportunity. So I emailed Briana, the photographer. Several days went by and I finally got an email back from her, and that I was chosen to be the model. I was pleasantly surprised. I won a free photo session and a gift card for printing.

So, when Baby Jay arrived, I texted her, and we made an appointment for the photo session. We both decided to have it when Baby Jay is one week old, as you know, to get the best newborn photos is the first 14 days after the baby arrived.

The photo session went well, it took almost 4 hours to get it done. All the photos were taken in the sunroom, with natural light. Briana was very professional, she is also a baby whisperer, she knows how to deal with newborn,  to keep calm even when Baby Jay started to get cranky.


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