How to dress Winter Babies

As a mother who was born and raised in tropical country, I found winter is magical. The below zero temperature, the snows, the looks of bald trees are mesmerizing. Until now, I still doing winter clothes wrong, something I feel like I am over dress and sometimes underdress. Al was born in late Fall, so he was a baby during the winter. At that time I was a new mother, and I had no clue how to dress him, most of the time I over layer him, that he ended up look like a big burito. The problem is, with too many clothes, he could not move freely, plus he was over heating, and with flaring ezcema, he was uncomfortable most of the time.
Fast forward to now, Baby Jay is a winter baby too. My experience with Al has provided me with valuable knowledge how to dress a baby during winter. The tips is to always check the weather, of course, when we need to go out and about and the weather is super cold, like below zero celcius, I will dress him in two layers, him long sleeve shirt and sweater or coat, his booties or socks, and of course his hat. He will not be under dress because he will be sitting in his seat with car seat bundle. Meanwhile when the weather is around over 12 celcius to 2o celcius, he will wear pretty much the same set of clothes, only without the coat or jacket.  

One of the products that I love to dress Baby Jay now is the stay-on fleece baby booties. I was introduced to these cute booties by my bestfriend after she swears that it is a must have for winter. In fact, I was hooked and order more. These booties is a game changer, it stays on no mater what (after I really secure the velcro), there is no hassle to put it on because it is basically just wraping baby's feet. These booties also great for winter because it keeps baby's feet warm. Unlike shoes that needs socks, I dont use sock when I put this on Jay, also it will fit while give the room for feet to grow. 
I feel like with this trick works,  and Baby Jay feel warm and comfortable during the winter. Now that Spring is coming, I should come out with new tricks to make him cozy while enjoying the blooming flowers everywhere. 

Also, by the end of winter when it is no longer freezing cold but not yet warm, I always bring one extra blanket. Now, I am loving this black and white knitted baby blanket. I love the size and the warmess, I love the softness and the print design is super cute, perfect for baby boy or baby girl. This blanket I usualy use to cover his little feet when I nurse him, or to lay him on when I go to the park. 


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