Welcome to the world, baby

A labor story

I'd like to announce the birth of our second son, Jayanasa Adil McKinnon on a beautiful Sunday morning, January 28th, 2018 at 11.14 AM at Mary Washington Hospital, Fredericksburg, Virginia. He arrived safe and sound,  healthy and happy. His birth weight is 8 lbs 13 oz and his birth length is 22, 10 inch. He is a beutiful baby, a blessing to our little family

His birth was a totally different experience, it was almost a wholesome delivery experience. We were expecting him to come early, due to his weight, his position, and my condition, as early as week 38. However, he decided to come on time, well... almost on time. Although I was already over my pregnancy, and just wanted to get things done with, deep in my heart I know, he would be the one who decides when he wants to come to this world, and as long as he feels safe and happy in my womb, I would wait patiently for him. 

The night before he was born, we had our last dinner out as a family of three. We went to the park and downtown, because although I was exhausted and I pelvic sore, I felt like I need to kept on moving, walking and I hoped the gravity will pull the baby down, and he would arrive soon. 

We went to bed did not know what to expect. At 3 am, I woke up due to big contraction, I tried to shift my position on the bed when the second contraction hit me and my water broke. The water was gushing, I felt like I wet the bed. When it happened, I felt so excited, this is it... this is the time. I woke my husband and told him that it is time and we need to go. 

After kissed Alex goodbye, we went to the hospital, we were admitted around 4 Am, by that time, the contraction was rapid and intense, it was already once in every 3 minutes. We were waiting in the triage for around 15 minutes before transferring to the labor room. In the labor room, things got a little hectic, I had my blood withdrawn for the lab-check, and I got my IV after the nurse poked me for almost 5 times, literary. The contraction got more and more intense and unbearable that I started to cry, but of course getting the epidural was not that easy, they had to do several procedures prior to injection. At around 5 am, I got my epidural and I can rest. The nurse put on the monitor, both for me and for the baby. Due to my contraction, the nurse said that I might have the baby in the morning, maybe around 7 am or 8 am. 

After the epidural, all I could do was rest and wait. I could see on the monitor that the contraction was consistent, once in every 3 minutes. We were sure that the baby will arrive soon, my husband refused to leave the room, even to grab a cup of coffee. We were waiting for hours that felt like years. At around 9.30 am I could feel pressure and more pressure, however, the dilation was only 7 cm.  My Bbgyn gave me a peanut, a silicon-like pillow ball in the shape of peanut. She put it in between my legs, hoping that it will reduce the pain.   At around 10.00 am, I could feel more pressure it started to feel unbearable like I really need to push. The dilation was 9,5 cm and I can start pushing. I started to push for 10 minutes, but nothing happened. Worry that I might waste my energy, my Obgyn gave me Pitocin injection, and she asked me to rest, relax, and wait. The progress was quick, after 30 minutes, I literary crying because of the pressure and I really need to push. The Obgyn and the labor nurse came and they started to get everything ready. My husband held my right left while the nurse held my left, and with they counting and making sure I breathe right during the labor, the labor is officially begun. 

It took around 20 - 30 minutes of pushing, praying, and shrieking, at 11.14 am, the baby finally arrived which I witnessed through the mirror on top of the bed. After the delivery, the Obgyn immediately put the baby on my chest. I held him, tight. I was exhausted but fully awake and I felt relief. He is beautiful and perfect. I was so happy that he was in my arms, finally, after more than 9 months, he is here. Now my life is completed, I could not be happier than this. 


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