Baby Monitor


This is the second product I got from Baby Womb World, the previous product I purchased from them is excellent so when I need more products for my baby, I considered to get one from them.

I was looking for a high-quality baby monitor that will not break my bank, the price of this product is on par with the similar product on the market, however, I have several reasons why I am satisfied with this baby monitor:
1. High-quality video, I was amazed that the video quality is great, the video is sharp and vivid. The video came in color and it can be adjusted the brightness and the sharpness.
2. Easy to install. This product gives me zero hassle, all I have to do is plug and turn it on, and it works just like that, no brainer.
3. Good connection range. The nursery room is on the second floor and I spend most of my time in working in the basement, so I mostly monitor my baby while I am in the basement. The connection is good, no relay, so I don't have to worry about not seeing my baby when I am in the other rooms.
3. Great feature. This baby monitor provides several amazing features, one that I really love is the camera can be controlled from far, so I can easily move the camera to the left and right side or up and down easily just by using the monitor. It gives me a better view of the nursery room or any room where I put my baby. Other features like temperature monitor, lullaby songs that can be controlled from far or built-in microphone so I can "talk" to my baby easily.
4. No Wifi. this baby monitor requires no wifi, so I don't have to worry about being hacked (yes, there are many stories about hacked baby monitor) it puts my mind at ease.

Since I just started to use this for several weeks, I don't know how durable it will be, I am just hoping that this product is durable, because I really like it.

I highly recommend this product


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