Revlon Lip Color Gel [REVIEW]

Another day another lipstick. I got these lip color from Revlon. Revlon is a major brang, one of the giant in cosmetic industry. I have been their on and off customer. Some product are my favorite, and these lipstick collection is one of them.

Revlon calls this collection as Lipstick Color Gel. The packaging feels and looks luxurious, long and slim, with shiny, metal like container. The formula is excellent, it is creamy and glides along on the lips when applied. The color is vibrant and super pigmented, which is last long all day. The lipctick does not dry the lips, instead I feel it is smooth and it keeps my lips moist. This lipstick gives the velvet, satin finish, which makes lips looks glamorous and kissable.

I got these collection in 3 different colors; Vineyard, Rhubarb and Sand. I fall in love with all of them, the Vineyard is red hot, caliente. It's perfect for night out or whenever I want to steal the attention.

Rhubarb is perfect for daily use, it is subtle and complements my completion. It does not scream for attention, but it is there to freshen my look.

The last one is Sand, it is almost nude, I am not a big fan f nude lipstick, but I can see my self rocking this shade in the summer time, when I my skin is more tan, I need a super natural lipstick to complete my look.

This collection is a must for a lipstick lover. Here is my last picture wearing all shades.


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