Spring Break (Road Trip to Virginia and North Carolina)

We are back on the road again, it's almost 3 years now. We are confident to take this trip with 2,5 year old toddler, I made time to read this post beforehand, and it was helpful. We planned this road trip for less than 24 hours. A short holiday, welcoming Spring. We decided to go down to North Carolina. Since it is the closest state that I have never been too. We planned to go for a week, just drive down the road and stop wherever we want.

So after packed our bags, our snacks, at 9 AM we hit the road to Virginia Beach. The weather was not nice, it was stormy, we almost could not see the road because of the rain. We arrived at Virginia Beach, late, it was already 2.30 PM. We rented a four wheels bike and we rode along the board walk. The weather was better, it was sunny but oh super windy, and pretty cold, well it was beginning of Spring.


Virginia beach is beautiful but still asleep. The blue sea and white sand look almost pristine. The boardwalk is wide, well maintained and clean. Hotel buildings stand tall like a wall along the shore line, with restaurants and parks. When we were there the beach was empty, there were only us and couple of people. It was kind of nice to have the beach all by yourself.

Since there were not much to do in windy, cold beach we decided to find hotel to stay for the night. We stayed at Four sails. The hotel is great, we got good price for an ocean front room. It is almost like an apartment, with kitchen and... Jacuzzi.  We spent the rest of the day, eating sushi and enjoyed our jacuzzi.

The next day we checked out early and left to Outer Bank, NC.The trip down was long, it took us almost 5 hours, but it was fun because of the view, we stopped by several time to see and stare of things that interest us, one of which is a field with beautiful yellow flowers, on the way to Kitty Hawk Beach. It was so pretty. I have never seen anything like that before.

We finally arrived in  Kitty Hawk Beach, It is a thriving village surrounded by the ocean. At this time of the year, this village is quite, I can imagine how busy it is when the weather is warm. Surrounded by the ocean make Kitty Hawk Beach has many beautiful beaches that are mostly open for public, with parking available. But the weather was not nice to us, it was pointless to go to the beach when it is cold and windy. So decided to explore. There are many local business, restaurant and family oriented fun activities, such as mini golf. 
One of the most popular place to visit is The Monument of the Century Flight. This place is wide and open space, with great walking trail, it is perfect for us, after sitting for hours in the car, we need to take a walk, especially Al. The large monument sits on a hill at the south end of the Wright Brothers National Memorial, it is quite an exercise to explore it. 

 We planned to watch the sunset here, one of the best spot to see the sunset is around here is the Bodie Island Lighthouse. So we drove there. I must say that Bodie Island Lighthouse is magical. It's not only beautiful, but there is something mystic about it. Maybe because it is surrounded by woods area that look almost like savanah, or maybe it is super quite here at the moment, or maybe because when the sun down the sky turns bright pink. Or simply the combination of everything. It's one of the most spectacular sunset in my life. 

That pretty much sums up our day here, tomorrow another journey are waiting.


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