Sonic Blend Brush by Michael Todd [REVIEW]

Make up and brushes can not be separated. I learned the hard way that no matter how good and how expensive my make up is, if I apply it with cheap, low quality brush. I will not get the maximum result. My foundation will be cakey, and not smooth at all, which only ruin my look. I've been using make up blender for a while and as much as I love the result, make up blender takes more time to use, and to be honest. I hate to spend more time "blending" to get that smooth result, also make up blender is quite tricky to clean, I always feel like I leave make up on it. So I was on my journey to find an excellent replacement for my brush and blender.

I came across this Sonic Blend Brush by Micheal Todd. I have two of beauty products from Michael Todd already. The Sonic Clear Petite and Sonic PRO Eraser both are my favorite and have been part of my skin care routine. Because of the quality and personal experience, I decided to try the Sonic Blend Brush . The delivery came really fast, and it was well-packed. The package contained The Sonice Blend Brush (in purple! my favorite color), manual book, and USB cable to charge, plus a small card on how to hold it while using. 

The design of the brush is sleek and edgy, the wand is quite long and slim, but easy to hold and grip. The brush is removable, the shape of the brush is in between powder brush and contour brush. With this more universal shape, it can be used for multiple purposes, from applying primer, foundation (all kind; liquid, creamy of powder foundation), contouring, baking, and setting. The bristles are made of organic ingredients 

 Recommend way to hold it

I love how easy it is to use, I simply put a pea size of my liquid foundation, or dip it in my powder foundation, turn it on and apply it on my face. With its sonic technology, I can apply my foundation flawlessly and effortlessly (especially now I kind of master how to apply it), thanks to its up to 400 micro-movement per second. The result is smooth surface, blend well to skin, without lines or streak. Please to always turn it off when you want to add more foundation or powder, I made a mistake when I first use it, I did not turn it off first, and my foundation and powder splattered all over the place. After use, the end result is excellent. My make up looks natural, full coverage, almost like air-brushed, and for sure not cakey at all. 

This Sonic Blend comes with built in protection against microbial contamination, so the brushes stay cleaner and fresher longer. However, when I need to clean it, I simply use regular cleanser for brush and it works well.  After sometimes, the brush needs to be replaced and I simply purchase the replacement and keep the wand. 

I love most products from Michael Todd, because  all of their product are not tested on animal, that's my personal choice. 

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