Tips to attend Parade and Festival

It's the beginning of March now, Spring is almost arrived. Season of parade and festival is coming. With the social media, it is easy to find upcoming events near the area where I live. Facebook does a great job with their event feature, where I can search what's going on near me. Last week was the first parade that I attended, Alexandria St. Patrick Parade. The parade was great, but I was not well-prepared for the parade. Baby Al was shivering because it was too cold, and I did not dress him warm enough for the weather, another thing is my phone was dead in the middle of parade, while I was taking picture, the worst of all, I needed to call my friend because we planned to meet after the parade.These unfortunate events taught me a lesson to be better prepare for the upcoming parade and festival.So here are my tips for viewing parade or attending festival

1. Be well-informed
Important information about the venue, date and time is crucial. Additional information about the route of the parade, parking area also great. This information will help us get ready for the parade.

2. Well-packed backpack
Essentials such as first aid kit, wallet, sunglasses, snack and water should be in the back pack. I chose backpack because it is easier to carry. Also bring extra bag, because some parades distributes tons of chocolates, candies,  toys and other random things.

3. Check the weather
Before leave the house it is better to check the weather and dress appropriately. If it is cold, wear more layers and warm jacket, hat or scarfs, and loose, comfortable clothes when it's hot. Wear comfortable shoes. Apply sunscreen or sunblock even when it is cold, standing under the sun all day long without protection is not a wise choice. Don't forget sunglasses and hat.

4. Charge the gadget
Taking pictures or videos is a must. For this, get all the equipment ready to use. The camera and the phone. Make sure all fully-charged, and make some storage in your phone and camera, the last thing you want to happen is to have no storage left while videotaping that cute dog sitting on a fancy car. As we know that smart phone is smart but weak, it does not last long, especially if it used to take pictures and video. Have an extra battery is great, this is why powerbank is important. After the bad experience in the parade last week, I purchased Q Swap Mobile Powerbank. This powerbank has two batteries, it is easy to charge, compact and light.

Dont forget, enjoy the parade and have some fun!


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