Magnetic White Board Calendar Set [REVIEW]

There are many ways to keep you organized. One of which is to make a schedule and update it regularly. I am happy that in this era, we have smart phone that does all the work, our daily schedule, important events, doctor's appointment all can be updated regularly in our phone calendar, also it comes with alert that works as our reminder, to make sure we will not miss it. However, there is something nostalgic about having a "real calendar" on the wall or on the fridge. Those handwriting and pictures give homey touch, like a real human/ real family lives there with their never ending activities. This is the reason I purchased this Magnetic  White Board Calendar Set from Lovellio.

The magnetic board set is cute. It is a monthly board with three colorful markers, a set of magnetic emoji and two magnetic erasers.The board is reusable, medium size, it's 16"X12" horizontal that can be easily stuck on the fridge. It is made of high-tech thick magnetic sheeting, recyclable eco-friendly paper, and special stain resistant film coating. Phewww.... enough of the fancy words. 

The best thing about it is the cute design, 100% kid's friendly. I use this in particular for Baby Al's monthly activities, since he signed up to different classes everyday, not to mention special events and playdate, I really have to get all this on schedule because we  don't want to miss anything.  He loves to help me wipe the board, put on the emoji, and sometimes color the board. My husband loves it too, because he can see what Baby Al is up to. I think it is a good addition for the house, I love it gives that old school vibe, very cute and useful. By the way, if any of you interested, please check the link because they are giving good discount at the moment. 


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