How to get rid whiteheads and blackhead [DIY]

Who does not want clean, smooth, soft face skin? everyone wants it. But clean, smooth and soft face skin is pretty tricky to achieve, everyone, whether you are a supermodel or celebrity, must have one or two problems with their face skin. I do have problems with my skin. My skin is combination, it is more oily in the T-Zone area and normal to dry on the cheek are, and dry on the eyes area. I have to be super careful in choosing the right skincare, I should find one that can balance my skin. Which I definitely will elaborate more on different posting. 

My number one issue with my skin condition is, I have tons of whiteheads and black heads on my skin, in particular chin, and forehead area. I tried my best to keep my skin clean. Because the real cause of this "comedones" is cloged pores from excessive oil production also known as sebum. When it touches the oxygen in the air, the comedo "oxidizes", turnin in the black color from which we get the term "blackhead". Some stay on the surface, while other buried under the skin. The buried one, become tiny bumps that are super annoying, and can easily turn into pimples if touched or got infected. 

Trying to get rid white head or black heads by popping it with hands may cause infection that makes things worse. It is always suggested to go to professionals to get the job done. Of course it is to do if you have the budget and time, if you don't. Do no worry, because with the help of extractor tool, you can achieve the same result at home. 

One of the extractor tools that can be used to get rid of blackhead and whitehead is Cliganic Best Blackhead Remover Kit. This kit contains five Premium Stainless Steel Tools, to quickly extract blackheads or whiteheads. All the tools are packed in an elegant, travel size, blue case. This kit has how-to-use instructions and important cautions. Ideal for the removal of blackheads, whiteheads blemishes, comedones and more. These tools are less damaging to the skin than squeezing with your fingers or nails. 


I am going to give you tips on how to remove the blackhead or white head gently. Please read and follow the instruction below carefully. Please also know your skin condition beforehand, and like other DIY, it may or may not work, and it may give different result depends on the skin condition.

1. Prepare all the things that you need, hot water, towel, sanitize the tool (you can boil it in hot water for a minute or rub it with alcohol), mirror (magnifying mirror is best), rubbing alcohol, and astringent (ex: witch hazel). Wash your hands clean.
2. Cleanse your face,make sure skin if free of any residue (cosmetic or skincare). Also keep your hands
2. Prepare hot boil water (you can do it over the stove or water heater. We are going to use the steams to open the pores and relax  and soften the skin.
3. Place a towel over your head. Do this during the steaming process. The towel will trap the steam and keep it from escaping, improving the effects of your steam facial. Be very careful with this process, because we are dealing with HOT water, keep safe distance, don't get too close.Stay in this position for 5 minutes.
4. Position the extractor properly. The extractor will have a loop on one end of it. Position the loop around the whitehead or blackhead you are trying to extract (The mirror will be a great help for this)
5. Press down gently but firmly. Once the comedo is within the extractor’s loop, you want to apply enough pressure to force the whitehead or blackhead up out of the skin. Press against the base of the comedo from all sides, working all of the material completely out of your skin. Comedones can reach deep down into the skin, so don’t assume you’ve extracted the whole thing as soon as a little bit of material comes out. Keep pressing from different angles until nothing more emerges from your skin. When you’re satisfied that you have the whole comedo, simply swipe the extractor loop over it to remove it from your skin. Either wash the extractor off in the sink or wipe the material away on a paper towel.
6. Protect your opened pores. In order to avoid infection or bacteria, apply a small amount of astringent to the treated areas. Moisture your skin after applying your astringent to keep it from drying out. Do not apply makeup to your skin until you’ve treated it with an astringent
7. Repeat the process until your skin clear.


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