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All under $20, Best and Affordable

I am sure you have heard about beauty box, in case you have not, Beauty Box is subscription of various make up and skin care products, either in full size, deluxe size, or sample size that you can get monthly, quarterly or annually. I was into beauty box last year. At that time, I just newly moved back to US and I left most of my make up and skin care products in my home country. I wanted to rebuild my make up collection and to try new skin care, and I heard subscribing to beauty box is one way to do it. At first I did not know where to start.  So I got to do my research well. I read blog, joined conversation in beauty blog group or community, and I also spent hours watching beauty guru unboxing various beauty box. From my intensive research, plus one year experience, there are excellent beauty box that are worth to try, for the value, and great product selection. So here is all the beauty box subscription that I have tried and my review on each of them.


My first Ipsy Bag, December 2015

Ipsy Bag is the first beauty bag/box that I subscribed. I knew Ipsy because the founder, Michelle Phan was one of my favorite Beauty Guru. For $10 per month, 5 products plus a bag. Ipsy is a good start if you are beginner. Ipsy sends you a mix of various beauty product, based on your profile. The products are mostly in itty bitty size (sample to deluxe size), but if you are lucky, you can score one or two full size product. I'm okay with Ipsy, I subscribed for a year, and I got different products from them even though they keep sending me mascara and eyeliner almost every month, even when I clearly state that I am not interested in eye liners. So for me, Ipsy is a good start for beginner on budget because it of the price.

Glossy Box

It was a good luck that I subscribes to glossy box, I've heard good review about them, but I was reluctant to spend $17 - $21 per month.  Then I stumbled to a discount website, it offered $100 for a year of subscription, so I purchased it.

September 2016 Glossy Box

February 2016 Glossy Box

Glossy Box mostly send 5 to 6 different products in full size or deluxe size, plus a folded card describes each product. It includes skin care, make up, hair product, etc. It features some popular brands such as Glam Glow, The benefit, Nuxe, Origin and so forth. All products are packed in a pretty pink box,  however, Glossy Box also create special edition box for the season, and they are all gorgeous. In addition to that, the worth of the products almost twice or triple the price you pay ($21). However, they are pretty slow in delivery, for couple of times the box (finally) arrived almost in the end of the month. Glossy Box has good customer service, once I received a defected product and I noticed them, they addressed the issue and sent me a replacement. For $8 a month (based on the discount I got) it is worth it! But If I have to pay full price, I might think twice. My suggestion is to get a year subscription (or discount!!), this box is more worth if it is discounted.

Allure Box

I purchase Allure Box randomly, because it is a filler in between my Glossy Box subscription. Allure Box costs $15 and it contains 5 beauty products or beauty tools, and a mini magazine. All curated by the editor of the magazine. The box features high end brand product in deluxe or sample size such as Cargo, Ciate, Burberry, Bb, etc. I am not a really fan of this box, because mostly I got the same product from my Glossy or Ipsy Bag. Before I purchase, I usually check what's on the box, if I am interested I purchase it, if not I just simply skip it.

 One of their best box

Sephora Play Box

I remembered when beauty box junkies (like me), waited nervously to get the email from Sephora explains that they are off the waiting list and is able to get the play box, that was a good time. I think, because it is Sephora, the palace of beauty product, everybody has  a great expectation to their box.  Apparently it was only a temporary hype.  I subscribed to this box for almost six months before I finally unsubscribe. Sephora Play Box contains five beauty products, one perfume sample, a mini magazine and a PLAY! Pass that can be redeemed to get a make over at Sephora (plus 20 points for beauty insider if redeemed). They features high end brand (of course) such as smash box, milk, beauty bite, etc. The size of the products were the reason I unsubscribe, they are small, tiny, petite, and little. The same sample that can be received if we purchase something from them. It does not work for me.

 TARGET Beauty Box

Unlike the previous beauty box, Target Beauty Box does not require subscription. It is more like first come first serve. Target launches this beauty box, once a month, usually on the first Monday of the month. This box is on high demand, they are usually sold out pretty fast, if you are interested, I suggest to join a mailing list just to be noticed when this box is out. The price of the box varies between $5 - $10 plus a gift card (usually $3) that can be redeemed in Target. The box features products sell in Target, most of the products are hair and body care products  like shampoo, hair mask, face moisturizer, and body lotion in deluxe or sample size (which can be foil sample size). They also include lipstick, lip balm or mascara and eyeliner, usually in full size. Each month we can see the products that may be included for the following month, in their website, that way if we are interested we can get ready to get it as soon as it comes out. I randomly purchase this box, but lately I rarely do it because I have too many samples. However, I think this box is fun, but it is quite tricky to get it.

WalMart Beauty Box

When Target came out with their box, WalMart took the same path. Their beauty box is a semi subscription box, it comes out every season, four time a year. The price of the box is free but you get to pay $5 for delivery (yeah, right). Rumor has it that WalMart send two different box each season, one is classic and the other one is trendsetter. Which box that you gonna get usually based on your profile, that said, if you are mature (after 30 years old) you'll get classic and if you are young (under 30 years old) you'll get trendsetter. The difference between the two, I think, is trendsetter eatures more fun stuff and sometime make up while classic mostly features skin care.Similar to Target Box, WalMart box features products that are available in their supermarket, mostly just body care products
such deodorant, body wash, toothpaste, and shampoo that are in sample and deluxe size (including foil sample). The box is not too popular because the products tend to be repetitive, you might get Dove body wash 4 times in row. Also, if interested, go purchase in the beginning of the season, because you may get more products (up to 6-7) in deluxe size, rather than order it in the end of the season, where you are likely to get more foil samples.

Walmart Beauty Box early this year

For these under $20 beauty box, I recommend Ipsy and Glossy Box and Target. They are worth the money and they have good selection of products. I hope you like my review, and I'd love to hear your experience with beauty box. Thank you for reading.


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