Bath Bombs Luxury Set from Tortuga Life [REVIEW]

The month of love has arrived. It's time to show how much you love your loved one or you self. As a mom of a toddler, everyday I am busy juggling with tasks. I barely have time to relax, let alone time to pamper my self. I am longing to soak my self in a bathtub, and relax. Just me, few candles, my favorite book and of course bath bombs.

It's not a sin to be selfish sometimes, that's why I decided to purchase  luxury bath bombs gift set from Tortuga Life for my self. The brand is famous of their natural and organic bath bombs, which I preferred more. When the gift set arrived, I was thrilled with the package, it is indeed, luxurious. The box is well designed with vintage prints and wrapped in red, satin like ribbon. It is a real gift for my self. I opened the package, and I was pleasantly surprise, the luxurious fragrance from the box tingled my nose, it reminds me of that spa place that I miss so much.

The box contains six bath bombs in six different fragrances, I smelled them one by one, and I love it,  the fragrance is strong but not overwhelming. The fragrances are lavender, for relaxation, citrus bland with peppermint, cocoa butter with honey, my favorite, jasmine with ylang ylang, rose and sandalwood, and ginger and lemongrass. Plus, a bubble bath as a bonus, great addition. The size of each bath bomb is large, it fizzes up to five minutes, and it is also Jacuzzi safe.  

This week, I plan to just enjoy bath time with this bath bombs, and I can't wait to just soak and relax.


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