Wall Decals for Nursery and Children Room [REVIEW]

I've been eyeing wall decals for a while, but I refrained from the idea because we are living in an apartment, most apartment has strict rules about what you can put on the wall. However, white wall is boring, as much as I like minimalist, simple decoration for my house, nursery room is an exception, I need bright colors and decoration to bring nursery room to life.I found out that I can decorate with wall decal, but I have to find one that is not going to ruin the wall's paint.

I stumbled on this cute wall decals on Amazon. It strikes my eyes with it's bright colorful animal prints, I pictured that it would be perfect for our nursery room. It says that it is removable, which is my top priority. Without second thought I went on purchase it.

The wall decals arrived in a tube packaging, it is securely packed, so it did not bent. I realized that it is pretty large when I unwrapped it. It's enough to decorate one part of the wall without looking too crowded. I like the prints, it's colorful but not too bright, it is more "calming" great for baby room. Also, Baby Al is into animals at the moment, so these animal prints are great for him. In addition to that, this wall decals includes body height measurement, a must have for a nursery.

The stickers (wall decals) are easy to peel, it has small sticker on the bottom to show  how it supposed to look like on the wall. I took my time to figure it out before I stick it on the wall. especially because it has body height chart, I don't want to get this wrong.  Once I figured it out, I just peeled and stick it on the wall, it is as simple as that, peel and stick. The wall decals are made of eco-friendly vinyl materials, it is kind of transparent, so when I stick it on the wall, it blends beautifully.

It did not take time to do it, I did it withing 10 minutes, and voila! the nursery room looking prettier than ever.

 I highly recommend this wall decals for those who want to bright up nursery or children room. If any of you are interested please check this link.



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