So Delicious Coconut Creamer [REVIEW]

So Delicious Coconut Creamer [REVIEW + RECIPE]

I've been a loyal fan of So Delicious's products, from their coconut milk to their coconut ice cream, I've tried them all and I love it. In my opinion, coconut milk is a great substitution for regular milk. It has thickness, creaminess and sweet savory flavor that strongly resembles  regular milk. Coconut milk is also versatile, it can be added to any drinks that require regular milk, such as smoothies, coffee or tea, or to savory dishes such as creamy soup, pasta sauce, or curry, without altering the flavor.

When I was invited to review coconut creamer from So Delicious, I was thrilled. All of the So Delicious's variants, I have not tried the creamer yet, simply because it was not available on the supermarket where I live. So when I got the coupons, I drove miles away just to purchase the creamers, and I must say it was worth it.

So Delicious has three coconut creamer flavor; original, french vanilla and hazelnut. As an additional information, these coconut creamers are dairy free, soy free, wheat free and nuts free (except hazelnut flavor, it has hazelnut in it). I tried all three and I like them all, but my favorite is original flavor that I use for coffee and tea, and french vanilla that I use for smoothies and ice cream. All the creamer are creamy (of course), it has thickness and nutty flavor, similar if not better than  regular dairy creamer. As for the flavor, original flavor has subtle sweetness, and strong nutty coconut flavor, french vanilla is sweet and has strong vanilla aroma while hazelnut has subtle hazelnut taste and aroma.

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Overall, I love this coconut creamer, and I definitely will consume it on daily basis. If you are curious to try this coconut creamer, original flavor will be the best option, because out of three, it is the most similar one to regular milk.

[my morning coffee with coconut creamer, original flavor]

Now I am going to share coconut ice cream recipe, that is simple but yummy (well.. you need to have ice cream maker though)

Strawberry Coconut Ice cream


1 pint of  original flavor coconut creamer
1 cup of strawberry, roughly blended
1/2 cup of sugar

Blend strawberry finely or roughly as you like, set aside.  Mix sugar and creamer and beat with medium speed mixer until well-mixed and creamy. Add strawberry and mix. Put it in Ice cream maker, let it mix for 30 minutes. Transfer to ice cream container and freeze it.
The strawberry ice cream with coconut creamer will not be as creamy as dairy ice cream but it is creamier than sorbet. You can substitute strawberry with other fruits you desire (think blueberry or mango) as for chocolate or vanilla flavor, you can use this recipe just substitute original flavor with french vanilla flavor (add or remove chocolate as you like)

Disclaimer: Thank you to Mom's meet and So delicious for inviting me to try and review the products


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